Concrete Floor

Before laying the topping, the base concrete which may be about 10cm in thickness is laid. The top surface of this base is finished roughly so as to get desired bond in between the base course and the topping.

Concreting of alternate bays is done at one time and the intermediate bays are not laid earlier than 72 hours. For compaction of surface level we use trowelling. After that, dusting of the surface with neat cement to facilitate trowelling or the application of cement slurry to the surface should not be permitted. The floor thus laid is protected from sunlight, wind rain for at least 12 hours but preferably 24 hours. It is then kept wet by spreading a layer of wet sand for a period of at least 7 days. In the case of granolithic finish, the surface may be rubbed to get better finish. For non-slippery surfaces, can be obtained by incorporating suitable abrasives e.g. silicon carbide.

For surface hardening, three coats of sodium silicate are given each being applied after the previous has dried.

work process


Removing the gravels, balancing and inclining the floor.


Putting the mixture and drying it


Perfecting the look.